Press release. nov 12- Open Octane

Open Octane is a free vehicle mayhem game in the spirits of Roadblaster, Twisted metal, Spy Hunter, and a few 007 James bond movies.

Here is some press coverage from free gamer!

Here is an updated streaming video:

We are making everything that we can into destroyable objects.Crashes and misfires are very exciting in this game.

All game content is under the Creative Commons attribute license and the GPL license so you can take our content and recycle it into your game.Or you can modify our game into your own dream mod or total conversion.

We are proud to announce that we are working with Sourceforge now! So as soon as we get all of the files in CVN you can download and play the game as we are making it in real time! Like our trees? why not plunder our CVN, and add them to your game today! You like our cars? Drive them off the lot today for the amazing low price of $0.00!! Think our seamless textures are lovely? Add them to your favorite mesh today for free!

We are currently seeking environment mappers and a sound engineer / enthusiast. Talk to me at our sourcforge page , or contact me with a private message here in this forum.

Ultimately we want to be the mecca for open source game developers who want to make any type of vehicle simulation with Blender or our in house engine XY-FI (pronounced sci-fi). We have been granted a huge wed space by sourceforge, and we are looking forward to filling it up with useful free game content.

our fist physics demo will be up later today with any luck.

Here is the beginnings of our site:

Destruction. :evilgrin: Mwuahaha! :ba:

now that is tight, do yo thang!

Nice, you did a very good job of introducing your project. You’ll certainly gain some interest here.


Screenies look awsome! How bought some videos though. You can’t realy demonstrate physics through screenshots.:smiley:

scale down the dirt texture, it looks way to big. Car looks good, but it’s a little small, especially compared to the fence.

Looks lovely!

you don’t have to listen to nobody else but yo momma - and oh yeah, do you thang

Wow! thank you everyone for the great first response! I see we have some action game fans around here. We will try hard not to disappoint you. I have taken care of all the suggestions made here. Thank you so much for your help.

Nice screenshot.

Please upload blend file.

The leaves on the palm tree are too straight. They should sag somewhat, rather than sticky stiffly outward as they are right now. Look at this reference image:
The palm trees also strike me as being very short, but maybe they’re just all very young? :slight_smile:

Thank you, I have looked into this matter. There was a small contamination of viagra in the palm trees water supply. After placing the palm trees in front of a television playing re-runs of “the view” show ,the leaves all went flaccid. They will look nice for the next screen shot. thanks for the tip. It will really help.

I have uncovered a nice bug I have made in every static mesh so far. After some adjustment I will upload to the CVS server, and our download page.hope to have a demo ready tonight or tomorrow. The good news is that I can make the destroyable objects much more realistic now.I can have everything simply parented to a single empty. I was adding every piece one at a time.

I am uploading a video right now. it will be done in 3 hours, plus how ever long Vimo takes to verify . this is my first upload to Vimo so I have no Idea how long they take.

Hahaha. I like you :smiley: In a straight way. Nothin against gays. I’m just not one. I vote democrat i swear. This looks awesome, I love its style. Keep it up!

I finally got the video uploaded. look in the first thread for the link. (click on the picture).

not the greatest film ever but shows some of the trees getting broken.

It’s good, but you should make sure the camera doesn’t go below the ground.

What about the fence? Can that be broken too?

Yes indeed, I just got done putting the finishing touches on the split rail fence. It explodes into separate little pieces. I just need to do the shadow and then the stumps where the poles break off.Thanks for the good compliment , the scale and everything hould be all perfect for the demo release. I need to make a camera and joystick script still too.

CD should be in his element here, he wanted destructible enviroments for ages! Congrats guys,a great looking game so far!

Funny video… in real life, of course, trees don’t shatter like glass when cars hit them (in fact, generally it would be the car that takes the damage) but I think your way is more fun.

Ha ha , yes . in real life a coconut tree will stop a huge speeding truck.
Yes, that makes me blush too, until the final version of this game there will be funny stuff like this.Please do not expect perfection from an incomplete game. We have only been at this project for about a week full time.I have to keep reminding myself that it is not over until the big lady sings.With every ounce of effort sowed , I am reaping pounds of gratification.
We are focusing on game play more than reality. The last thing we want is for our project to turn out like the game Racer. The controls in racer are ultra realistic, and the physics are too. Unfortunately it makes the game racer unfun except for those who appreciate ultra realism.
We are looking more for the “Twisted metal”, “carmagedion”, “Mario cart”, “F-Zero” or the “death rally” crowd. In our game crashes will cause no damage to the player. The player will only receive damage if hit by the enemy munitions, or booby traps.

I have added some small unrealistic things to the physics to boost the players ego too. It is almost impossible to roll the car over. I made it so he will do a Hollywood drive on 2 wheels stunt very easy.There will be a ‘cool’ bonus in the game for shooting a badguy while driving on 2 wheels.

my sweet goodness gracious that brings tears of joy to my eyes I promised myself I wouldn’t cry

that game looks so FUN, nice…everything - I love it man.

yes those destructable objects really add a lot to the immersiveness as does the camera

I will definatelly be asking u for camera advice =)

is this going to be your game competition entry by any chance? if not u might want to think abotu entering