Pressing Shift C made me not be able to see where I am

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Shift+C puts the 3d curser tt the world origin and zooms out to put all your objects in the field of view. If you have a stray object way way out from the normal view you’ll have a problem. Find it and delete it. Checking your objects in the Outliner window is a start especially if you have been sensible and have been naming them so you can see out of place objects.

I’m in the outliner window but i don’t understand it… theres some icons like cursor and a painting and one of them is an eye (i assume thats the camera) they are all the way to the right of the screen

The Outliner.
On the left are the list of objects. Select one and it will correspondingly highlight in the 3d view, for the symbols on the right just hover your mouse over and read the tooltip.
If you want to delete any objects outside your view select all the objects you want to keep, Ctrl+I to inverse the selection and press delete. Use this method to delete objects that may be out of your view to clean up your scene.