Pressing the "Setup Tracking Scene" button causes the rendering to be done twice

Hi, this is my first post.
And I’m using machine translation, so the language may be unstable.

I’m learning VFX with Blender 2.91.
The tracking is perfect, but when I press the “Setup Tracking Scene” button and apply the motion to the camera, the rendering is done twice.

I assumed this was for compositing a movie clip with the rendered result, but since I’m going to do the compositing in AfterEffect, I just want to get the rendered result.
I deleted the newly added compositing nodes, but the situation remains the same.

it takes render time longer, so please tell me how to configure the settings to solve this phenomenon!

I was able to figure it out on my own!
Apparently, this is because there were two render layers.
I removed the unwanted layer (Background) and the problem went away!
I need to learn more about Blender…