pretty Girl

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Not bad, not bad at all. Welcome to the forum, btw. :slight_smile:
Could you share the method on the hair?

agreeing to me, you used bezier curve with some EXT1 and EXT2

am I right?

and, beautifull image, but i think there is too much bump on the face…

Excellent image. Only crit is the mouth looks too stiff, or something. Maybe it’s because of the distance to the teeth, or maybe it’s too open, or maybe it’s just me. :wink:

the teeth look bad… thats all I could come off with…

Very nice. Great modelling job. I don’t see the issues mentioned above with the teeth; the hair looks a little odd to me and the bump is a bit strong but other than that, I really like it.

The lighting lends itself really well to a desktop wallpaper, too.

Excellent modelling and image. What did you use for the eyelashes.
She’s very pretty :slight_smile:

Yes she is very pretty - and you’ve modelled and textured her very well.

I’ll save my crits on this until I can do better myself :wink:



very nice and pretty,but i agree with the above comments,hair looks odd,and the bump is too strong,other than that is very nice.

I’d say the hair looks quite good apart from the bits on top of her head. The only problem I see is the strands look too thick/solid. Pehaps try translucency and/or a slight hint of transparency.

The eyes/eyelashes look very good. Would it be possible to post a blend perhaps even with just them in it? I understand if you don’t want to. Or perhaps you could detail how you modelled them with the material settings you used.

I don’t think the bump on the face is so much strong but it’s too uniform. The lips, nose, eye area and cheeks should have a different bump. I do the same thing and use a procedural texture because it saves UV mapping and painting but it makes the nose look like polystyrene.

Overall, it’s a very nice piece of work and she is indeed an attractive model.

nice pic but 2 crits.

  1. the nostrils are too big, but by just a little bit

  2. the hair is parralell, unless she has a great hair brush it should be a little bit unparralell

I like the bump on the face, kinda looks like too much makeup. Looks realistic imo

WOua: she’s indeed beautiful.


I have to say the eyes really grab my attention… very nice work.