Prevent panels from being merged


Every time I scale the Properties and the Timeline panels down to their minimum size, they got merged. Then if I scale the Properties panel up, the Timeline goes up too. How do I prevent that?

The only way I can get Blender to behave like that is by holding Ctrl while sizing the Timeline to the position of the Properties Panel. After that they are locked together. I’ve no idea how you would then unlock them.

A workaround would be to open the file that’s got that issue with LoadUI unchecked (under wee cog top left file browser). Assuming your default Blender scene isn’t locked together like this that should work.

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@JohnMalcolm1970 they stick when they line up - when you hold control because they snap to the same height, and in this case because they are both shrunk to the minimum height at the bottom.

@lehuan5062 I don’t think there’s a way to turn this feature off, but just to make sure you’re aware, you can unstick them like this:

  1. split a neighbouring panel
  2. join the stuck panel into the newly-split panel

Thanks @JohnMalcolm1970 and @tomjk

This is my workaround. I make the timeline on top so it doesn’t meet the properties.

Cheers for that @tomjk - That’s a crazy feature. Not something I’ve ever run into. Shame there’s no easy way of unlocking two Areas that have become glued together. If I don’t need a Timeline in a project I just get rid of it all together.