Preview: Geometry Nodes


Is there any way to preview Geometry Nodes?

see the procedural maps that make up the Geometry Node without seeing the 3d changes in the mesh (for example: a displace) to configure the tree more quickly during creation?

all of this in a mesh of mine to which I am applying the Geometry Node: displace?

I’ve already tried using the node viewer but I wasn’t successful in more complex trees.


Modifying any geometry with GN needs to compute this modification… what do you want to preview ?? There is a modification or not.

You may have to elaborate this to get a more suited answer.

I would like to preview the displacement (generated with Geometry Node) of image 1 with only the same textures as image 2.

image 1

image 2


You can connect the geometry from image1 and the attribute from image2 into the viewer node. It’s the magic of fields

As you can see I already managed to accomplish this
but with more complex trees I’m not getting results


No I can’t see it

To preview textures I usually use a grid. Connect the grid geometry to the viewer, then connect whatever field to the float input

I do not even understand this sentence.

Is there any addon that has this function?


Bringing meaning to sentences… ?? No.

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Is there any tutorial that explains how to use node:viewer?

Place whereever you want; enable or disable to see standard result (output) or viewer result…

achieve results.

I redid the file and it worked.
I don’t know what was wrong
but when I redid the file it started working

Thank you for your help