Preview in cycles for displacement maps etc?

Hi everyone,

Just wondering, is there a way to do this, similar in fashion to the viewer output when using compositing nodes.

As you add and multiply images etc, then maybe apply a math node etc. is there anyway to see that part of the texture you are developing? It seems like it would be something everyone would need once textures start getting kind of complicated.

The only method I have found is to temporarily run it through a shader node (such as diffuse) then connect that to the surface link in the material output, then look at that in the cycles window. It has the benefit of showing me exactly how it will map on the object, which is great, but it means you have to unconnect your real surface chain to preview, plus you need to have a diffuse shadre node haning around. Perhaps I am missing something obvious?

Anyway, any guidance appreciated.

muting nodes (m) doesn’t yet work for node materials, so i guess the only way is to disconnect them :frowning: maybe you can make yourself a custom node group to put before the Material Output. 2 Shader inputs, mix those, and use the factor (maybe as third input) so you can quickly set it to 0/1 to view full shader tree/separate shader.