Preview of new design

(Timothy) #1

Hey all,

Here’s a preview of the new design, I know images don’t work but that’s because this is a preview.

perhaps some more previews tomorrow:

(slikdigit) #2

Looks Cool! Does the poll work? If it does, I’m waiting to see the other previews before I vote- to see what curve I need to grade to.
P.S. I downloaded the virus.blend and it wiped out my HD! what gives ? :wink:

(Timothy) #3


Well the poll will work in 1 week, I won’t be able to do anything on the programming this week, but since the design is almost finished I think I’ll get the actual website finished next weekend.

Then it will take me another few days to put all the content in the new design,

(Zycho) #4

It’s starting to look mighty fancy Kibs! Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

(Timothy) #5

yay, hopefully I can get some test galleries up during next week, … looks like wednesday may be a good day for me to do some work again :slight_smile:

(underdog) #6

lookin really cool Kib nice work

(ScottishPig) #7

Nice. Lol @ the virus. This site will eventually become more popular

(Celt) #8

Nice work, Kibby! The only complaint that I have is that the text can be really hard to read with the background showing through. Like on the front page. I end up having to highlight it to make it out sometimes. :stuck_out_tongue:


(@ce) #9

Great site Kib…perfect new design…
Now I gotta get that computer of mine fixed…to try to do some miracles that are shown in these galeries =)