Preview Window not working (properly)

Hi guys, first post :slight_smile: Sorry if this has come up already somewhere else, but I already spent almost an hour of my very limited tutorial time on searching without finding.

The Shift-P preview window in 2.48a works only sometimes. I’ve experienced this problem on 3 different machines alreadym, so I don’t think my computers are to blame. Sometimes it just stays blank, sometimes it SEEMS to update but doesn’t (it renders something but doesn’ t change anything) - first time I experienced this with halos. I n00bed around, nothing changed and then in the actual render I couldn’t see anythingh but halo because I thought the changes were too subtle. Now in my tutorials - I watch the guy do everything with his preview window, while mine just stays blank or updates after 1/2 a minute.

Any solutions? Blames? Buttkicks? Or just wait for the next version and live with it? :slight_smile:

I’m not having that problem on my iMac. It previews fine and fast in 2.48a
I can’t imagine what it would be in different machines that you use other than
they all have the same graphics card that may have an issue.

Maybe it’s the file you’re trying to render? How does it behave when you try a full render (F12)?

No, actually I used 3 totally different machines, 2 Desktops and one Laptop. The Laptop seemed to have the least problems. As I said, on my Home workstation it takes about 30 seconds to update, actually longer than the actual render. This is not the fastest machine on earth, but still an X2 with 2x3.2 GHz. Maybe there’s a setting I messed up? The file itself works fine. Preview just acts weird - sometimes instantaneously, sometimes not at all. I’ll update my drivcers and see if that fixes it…

I’m not sure, but Preview Render may be affected by graphics settings, i.e. graphics card and driver, and Aero/Compiz if you have it.