Prices for hardware is dropping, and fast

Thats what it looks like. Ryzen cpu’s and Nvidia GPU’s. The prices are dropping. They seem to get lower each day.


If GPU prices are dropping then I would not be entirely surprised, the world of crypto has recently taken a beating with both Bitcoin and Ethereum losing at least a third of their value (not to mention value losses in many other coins). This is in part powered by instability in a region of the world popular with miners.

You can see a sales history on eBay. Starting in Jan 1 2022 till now. Oh yeah, I know ‘A’ reason for the prices of coins going down, is because of the upcoming regulations from the United States. In two years.

Meanwhile, Nvidia is looking at another huge price-hike for their GPU models as they bump the VRAM throughout the lineup (before scalping).
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If this continues, then there is probably going to be a long-term stagnation in realtime technology as people go back to integrated graphics and low-end cards, not good for those wanting to use top-end tech. like Unreal 5.

What they’ll do is end up pricing themselves out of their own market, and AMD, Intel, and Apple will more than happily fill the void by offering GPUs that are 90% as good for 50% of the price.

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