Primary weapon for my game

Beginner looking to get feedback on my model.

I don’t know what exactly I don’t like about it. It just looks kind of plain and boring to me.


Mainly because it is plain, not sure how detailed you want to go but you could always ask what role the weapon will serve, how functional it is, what ammo type and caliber will it be using, what parts will be moving, how was the weapon constructed and how does it work?

Every part on a real life gun has a a purpose and this adds details to the weapon, they are not there simply for show.

I would recommend you to model a few weapons from reference and then start designing and modeling your own. This way you will be able to implement details and parts from other weapons into your weapon and get basic understanding of the weapon structures.

The best you can do right now is to learn how to use reference images also try to stablish an early workflow.
for instance
-find reference.
place reference in 3d envyroment
model from primitives the general shape
and detailing.

also try to avoid to create the whole thing in a single mesh, this is a beginners mistake.
but a working model will have several pieces in it.

then learn about boolean and other modifiers.
stuff like that will help you a lot in your process.