Primitive Parameters

Is there any way to set parameters such as length, width, height, and radius for primitives before they are created? Or at the very least is there some way to create a disc whose radius is 1, instead of 2^1/2? I’ve just been spinning a plane, but, I’d like to not have to do this. Furthermore this isn’t as easy for spheres, whose radii are also 2^1/2. Thanks.

scale down to .707 (sqrt(2)/2 or something), then scale the amount desired

it is not possible to set the size beforehand

[also of note is that the size is based on the grid size, if you make the grid size 10 then a plane will be 200x200 units]

Originally I was doing just that, and for a while it was good enough. But obviously the square root of two is not exactly .707, and so the actual points wouldn’t land exactly where I wanted them, making removing doubles more tedious. Anyway, I hope this is a feature someday implemented in Blender, or I at least hope that the default cylinder has a radius of 1.

Thanks for the reply, by the way.

if you are so picky you may as well build the shapes yourself with the spin tool

[no offense, blender isn’t made for accuracy]