princess of moonbrook(fan art)

hi, this is a fan art of the game “Dragon Quest2”.

I have set the three light sources, but I wanted to make one light source to create a shadow.
so, this image have composited from a few render layers.

color render: cycles
outline: freestyle

Kawaii!!! Are you going to rig her? :smiley:

(Welcome to BlenderArtists)

Well done. I would suggest you redo the node of her eyebrows. Seems overlay over other materials in girl’s face.

it’s common in anime style to have eyebrows above the hair

ops… I didn’t know that. Anyway, this was a great job.Thanks for the information, Small Troll.

This looks fantastic! XD

Excellent work on the shading! I love the soft, yet somehow high-fidelity look :slight_smile:

no, I’m not.
it is difficult for me because this model touch each other with many pieces…:rolleyes:

that’s right! this is anime style.
however, I also feel the color of eyebrows is a bit strange.


I’ll try more next time. and make rig.
thank you all for reply:)

Wow, didnt know you could mix cycles with freestyle. Nice insight. Thanks.

no the colour is fine, they look too transparent though. see if they look better solid.

In my Language “ZABARDAST” (Means Fantastic)

oops, that you said is more appropriate. thanks

I improved process of making eyebrow, eye’s texture. and reduced odd eye’s outline.
I think it became anime style than before.

thanks for all comment.
I’m glad you like it.:slight_smile:

Wonderful render! Thanks for sharing.

Great! she looks so cute

very lovely render! wonderful work! :yes:

Great work, I really like the style you achieve.

You are very cute, and I would like to take you to dinner.

Beautiful renders. アニメーション見てみたいなぁ。。。