Princess WIP

Current progress:

Started this project yesterday and decided to start a WIP thread for it.

Not sure on her name, maybe ‘Mmmph’. Because she doesn’t have a mouth…

Basic character:


In the second one, she appears to be constrained by some type of wire cage.

Princess Mmmph from the Kingdom of Mfrrfmphm.

She has been released from her cage! Now she has a dress, a shoe (just the one), and some mystical, royal item I will make later.

Gave her a top, to cover her top.

Next I plan to fancy it right up with some feather type somethings.

And a crown.

And a couple of flowing ribbon bits.

If it isn’t too obvious, I’m making this up as I go…

OK, last update for the time being. I’ve been having a bit of fun modelling the ribbon… things, not really sure what they are called.

I have now noticed some things I’ll have to tweak. The bottom part of the cloth at the back drags weird on the ground, though it probably wont even be seen in the end!

she’s a beauty. the cloth does look a little weird at the bottom. it seems like the parts that are sagging back would level out and create more of a circular rather than a bat wing shape on the ground, with more wrinkling in the opposing direction, radially, from the existing folds, but I could be totally off on that.

This morning I fixed up the cloth at the back (can’t be seen in these couple of images), tweaked a few bits and pieces, and gave her a crown.

I’m calling her model complete.


Next up is to make a couple of guards, and a few other people that will be part of the Grand Parade!

Had a bit of a break from this project, but I’ve come back after rethinking it, and am making the scene a lot simpler.

I spent this afternoon researching more about composition (specifically portraits), and then applied what I had learnt to the scene.

I would appreciate any feedback from those with an eye for composition!

I was wondering if you were going to get back on this. In portraits of royalty, or high society people, you often find things that denote status, role, wealth, religion, etc. Such as in medieval portraits, the subject was often pictured with a lion or other powerful animal at their feet.

I think she looks very good so far, I like the concept.