Principle shader: how do I control the color of my wooden log

Hi, im quite new to Blender so plz bare with me :wink:
Im trying to control the color of my wooden log with the RGB node… is this the correct way to do it?

ps: ive uploaded the .blend file

Thank you

Tommy Olesen


wooden trunk uv textured.blend (1000 KB)

Yup, that’s how you do it.

However, you’ll have to change the display mode in the 3D Viewport before you’ll see it. Have a look at where the green arrow points:

Changing to Texture, Material or Render will show the texture map you’ve applied.

Yeah, i can see it in texture-mode, but i only can switch between dark and/or light color (or on/off if you will) when using the invert-node, on itself (without the invert node) I cannot get the RGB-node to do anything… im looking for a way to control the “color spectrum” in a finer and more subtle way (hope that it explains it clear enough)