Principled Baker - Bake PBR textures with a few clicks

workaround: assign different vertex groups to each object, merge them and bake. select by vertex group and separate. Or just duplicate, merge and bake. or save, merge, bake and revert the file.

Yes that would work. And saving the objects to vertex groups is definitely a good idea.
But in principle, should the addon have the functionality to do this without a workaround? Because doing it manually works. So I am wondering if there is something broken or if this was never possible anyway.

I’m trying to use the addon to hopefully prepare some objects that were textured procedurally in Blender and use them in Unreal Engine.

The objects don’t have proper UV maps, and are using a few different UV maps to place different textures and decals.

I’m trying to use the Smart UV Project option. Here are my settings.

When I hit bake I get this error.

Here’s a closer view of what’s going on in the material of the object.

I’m having an issue with one texture getting distorted. I’ve attached a couple of screenshots showing the issue. Thanks.