Principled BSDF reflection affects whole eye

I want the the reflections in the iris only and not the whole eye. I use a area lamp in the scene. Heres what I have now:

You need an additional mix shader, with your Principled shader and add shader as inputs and then use some input for mixing control as the mask. Could use vertex colors for that.

Thanks, I tried that but then it got like this:

In the mix shader plug a mask into the grey input.

What node is that? I cant find it in 2.7.

The node plugged into the mix is math node, set to multiply. It is found in the converter group in the add menu. The nodes plugged into that are attribute and value found under input nodes.

Note that in the attribute node I have also specified the name of the vertex color datablock.

It now controls the iris specular, but I still dont get that shine I want. What I try to get is this:

Ey bud. If you want a sharp reflection, the roughness property needs to be at least 0 or between 0.5 on your eye material. There also needs to be a light source for a reflection. Here’s my setup, very simple. A mix with a diffuse and a glossy.

Have fun :slight_smile:

Thanks, I have to try this tomorrow. Looks awezome :slight_smile:

@mal3Imagery What source do you use as light?

Now I tried your setup, but I still dont get that reflection. What do I miss?