Principled hair texture

there is a way to use the new Principled Hair shader adding a texure to achieve a result in the fur like this.
I wrote that the same shader was used in Zooptropia and this character came from that film

Sure, you just have to connect the texture into the color input of the Principled Hair BSDF

I think it only works correctly if you use Generated or UV texture coordinates.

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Super simple…
but it only works with direct coloring, not Melanin?

With melanin concentration you’d connect the texture into the Tint input.

EDIT: Keep in mind that with Melanin Concentration you’re mixing both the melanin color and the texture you plug into the Tint, so with a melanin closer to 0 (blonde) you’ll get more of the texture color, and with the melanin closer to 1 (black) the texture color wouldn’t be so visible.

See how the green in the texture color gets less visible as the melanin concentration goes up

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great explanation. tnx

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No problem, glad I could help :slight_smile: