Principled shader in 2.78c

Has anyone seen the principled BSDF shader? Its supposed to be in 2.79 but the beta is no longer available on

Currently using 2.78c which is the most recent “stable” download.

:rolleyes: versions mentioned in Blender 2.79 Release Notes have it

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Agreed, that’s the version I was looking for. Seems that 2.79 is no longer available? No worries, 2.80 preview has the Principled Shader.

am not sure if i get you but do look again :smiley:

Direct link:

Previously 2.79 Test Build 1 was the only 2.79 build available

All 2.78 daily builds are 2.79beta, they just didn’t change version number to 2.79.

All 2.78 daily builds can be considered as 2.79 beta, they just didn’t change the version number to 2.79.