Prinscipled shader's SSS Radius: getting rid of blue patch on thin parts


I’m working on a skin material in a project, and there’s one little trouble I am struggling with, here’s the issue:

Sees those awful blue colors all over the material? I’m trying to get rid of them and I don’t understand how can I avoid this… here’s a piece my node setup:

As you can see I am using the principled Bsdf shader and i’ve tried a tip I’ve already found here (It’s dealing with the same issue):

But when I tried it, it only got worser and I really can’t understand what’s with the subsurface radius (I’m still learning, I’m not too familiar with everything…) There’s only a SSS map behond the rgb curves node, my node setup is based on a skin material I found here:

Can anyone help me point out what’s wrong with this whole SSS stuff? I’m getting really lost about how to fix those awful blue part

Also the Subsurface radius is set at 1.0, 0.2, 0.1, the default subsurface radius in the principled shader, dunno If I must change in a way that won’t get me blue color on thin parts while keeping the all the
“reddish scattering”…

Sorry for potential bad english…