Prinsengracht environment

last month I worked on this new environment scene. used some new techniques like vertex material paint and displacement detail for all buildings.

I wrote an in depth breakdown on Artstation :

Environment scene Prinsengracht :


Wow, awesome work as usual! And nice breakdown, thanks for that. Always nice to see people’s workflow and thoughts and ideas behind a art piece :slight_smile:

A quick question about the vertex painting, did you find some kind of ‘golden rule’ between texture blending and the polygon count of the models? I find that sometimes lowres models are not up to the blending you want, but highres res models tend to slow down Blender a lot if the model is a bit more detailed.



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Good point, i prefer a high poly count ,don’t have exact numbers. I tried a lower count as well, but this results in poor quality textures on the model.

Figured that much, at some point you will need some more definition to make it work.
At least I’m not the only one having this issue. :wink:

Cheers for the reply!


Great work (as usual). You might be interested in another artist who used to work in a similar style, Dominic Davison who produced works in the same genre using Eon Vue a few years back. As a Vue user he focused more on nature and skies than architecture but his DeviantArt portfolio can be found here:

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Great job. De Gouden Eeuw atmosphere.

You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

Looks lovely!
Although I would imagine that there would had been more people back then. at the moment it looks a bit deserted.
An idea is to add some horse chariots and ox wagons moving along the bridge, to bring more life to the scene. Even if the little street along the channel was calmer, I would imagine that the bridge was more of a central road that was somewhat busy.

very nice render. by the way, did you use volumetric lighting in it?

I saw really nice art today. That is this.

yeah, well if you have a good source of high quality medieval characters :slight_smile:

lol yeah…good point.

Are you the guy who takes that udemy course on blender ???
By the way nice artwork

Probably the best work i saw here on the front page. The light, the composition, the details everything is just perfect. This is fantastic, something i would hang on my wall. I’d like to see more from you Rob.

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Hey Rob! Congratulations man, it amazes me how much your work has improved over the years, you are a true example of perseverance and success. Keep raising the bar!

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This is awesome work, Amsterdam back in the day…

OMG This is truly awe inspiring work. Very inspirational. Next thing I do will be your Udemy course. Would you care to share details of your rig and how long the final render took ? I could probably heat my house for a few days with my PC trying to render a scene like this :wink:

hii its good work

which render engine ur using for this. vray or evee

hahahah, yeah, rendering is a pain, but you get used to it. I use a 2970x threadripper, RTX 2080TI and 108 GB of ram. I have two identical pc rigs, the other rig has a bit less cpu and GPU power. when rendering i switch system so i can continue my work

Render time depends on the size of the image, but i was asked to make a render for 3dworld and they want me to send a 5500 pixel wide image. Took me 16 hour to render 0.0 …just crazy

This scene was also the max my pc was able to handle. I had a couple of crashes, then you know you have to stop adding stuff in your scene

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