print dir(GameLojic) problem

Hey guys. Just started out on Python about three seconds ago and started reading this tut:

So right when I started out he told me to type:

print dir(GameLojic)

And that would print alot of commands in the DOS window of Blender. But instead it said:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “Text”, line 2, in ?
NameError: name ‘GameLojic’ is not defined


Sorry if this is the wrong forum.


print dir(GameLogic)

Uum…That’s what I did.
Am I wrong???

hi Social!

master -noob:
it is, in fact, the correct forum for this post.
you might try spelling logic with a g instead of a j :wink:

blender is “ortographic sensitive” :smiley:

wrong letters in keywords, module names, etc, is a most regular error.

check it.

Umm…Oops! I’m ambaressed.
Sorry for waisting your guyses time.
Thanks alot!
I’m a 13 year-old deslexic. That probly explains why.

You’ll fit in great here. There’s a lot of dislexics on blenderartists.

:smiley: welco to dislexic club’s

13 years? i’m feel very old!

is great, 13 years an code python in blender.