Print-Friendly theme for 2.80

If you’re working with Blender for documentation (specifically print documentation), the default theme (Dark and Light) are either too dark or too low-contrast to be nicely readable in print, whether on paper or in e-ink. So I made a theme to try and make up for that.

There are a few rough spots (the drop-shadow on the text overlay in the 3D Viewport… and the fact that you can’t easily invert the color of the toolbar icons), but after testing on an e-ink tablet, I think it works reasonably well.

You can download it from here and try it out for yourself: print-friendly.xml

Obligatory screenshots:


Brilliant, i needed a good contrast white theme for daytime… I sit with the sun right in my face by the window, so this makes things a lot easier to see. :slight_smile: thx for sharing.


Thanks. Actually, I just did a small update to it this morning. @ChameleonScales pointed out that non-mesh objects were difficult to see while you’re transforming them. So I made a small change to fix that.

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sorry for going off-topic, but you got blender working on a reMarkable tablet? :open_mouth:
Care to make a thread about it :wink:

No. It’s not running on the tablet. I just tested a screenshot by saving it as a PDF and copying it to the tablet for testing.

Would be pretty cool if it did work there, though. :slight_smile:

Blender actually turned on on e-ink tablet? Till now I wouldn’t have thought of it.
That sounds doable :o. It is possible to run Blender on Android and there are e-ink tablets with android, but i bet it wouldn’t be usable at all :p.

Is it by preference that you didn’t enable icon borders ?

For the icons in the Properties editor? Outlines made them more difficult to read.

I see. The built-in light theme has them and I find it more readable, although too contrasted. I think they shouldn’t be pure black but that’s another discussion.

@Fweeb In case you missed my toot:
another thing:
the icons of the properties tabs (e.g. constraints, modifiers) become hard to read when selected. I personally changed the highlight color to C6ECFF.
This color is under User Interface>Tab>Inner Selected

However, this also affects the workspace tabs so I made the “Text Selected” black so it stays readable.

The best would be to keep a dark highlight and make the icon white when the tab is selected (just like the text) but I don’t think that’s possible.

Thanks… will use this. A few weeks ago I returned to Light theme like 2.49 blender and am happy now. Feel at home again.

I got your toot… though at this point I may leave it as-is. Going that light on the highlight doesn’t aid readability much for me and I’d prefer to keep the inverted text color for the highlighted workspace tabs.

I didn’t realize you were the author of the Print Friendly theme until recent research. Really cool that you have your own official Blender theme.

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Needed it for my book, but figured other folks would find it useful, too.

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