Once in awhile i like to challenge myself to make a short animation where the deadline is the end of the month.
This is my second attempt.

This is my third animated short that i have ever made.

This animation also gave me a reason to test out the Renderman plugin for blender. So far, i like the plugin. But i will wait until it is out of its beta stage.

Feel free to tell me what you think.

I was going to say something, but I’m afraid it will come out rude.

very funny :slight_smile:
you have a small “Jump” in second 3.

Somehow I figured out what he’s printing before he even started :wink:

I really like the part where he turns into a unicorn :slight_smile:

Why is having a dick on your head more funny then anything else on your head? What makes it funny?I think it is in bad taste.

yeah you are right dude the best part of the movie is when he converted in to the unicorn.

Well it made me laugh :slight_smile: