Prision Movie

This was originally a project I started when I found out about puzzle, but I changed my mind and am now making it into a movie. I’ve got a part done. It’s at and hopefully it won’t take to long to download. Some of it won’t make sense because there aren’t any sounds yet, and when he responds quickly to a sound that isn’t there it looks strange. Any comments on lighting, modeling, animation, and my choice of interior decorator will be appreciated. Thanks a bunch.


I can’t download it, the link is a loop, it just brings me back to the page on these forums of your post…

I don’t know why it’s not working. I tried the link and it works fine. I guess I’ll try a new link sometime. I think I need to find a better web server.


hmmm wel I can dowload it,… but when I open the .zip there’s nothing in there :frowning:

i’ve downloaded it as well…
there IS the file… but i can’t play it…hmm

Same here, downloaded OK but I can’t play the avi.

Ok. I guess thats another problm to check on. I compiled it with Virtual Dub and I think it’s in the newest Divx version, but I’m not sure.



You have to play it through Divx 5 player. Don’t get the Professional encoder or otherwise you end up cursed with Gator-smeg.

It looks good.