Prism/disperssion effect.

I was talking last night on #BlenderChat about dispersion effect. today I was actually motivated enough to try out one of my ideas! :o

So here it is.

Has anyone else tried it yet? with what success? what techniques?


That is cool! I didn’t know Blender had this type of ability. The only thing is the white spot of light seems both too big and too intense.


It’s yafray, really. And dispersion’s not a part of Yafray. I had to fake it, and I am not sure how convincing it is. :S It’s supposed to look like the ball is scattering the light, sort of like a prism, but I’M not convinced… are YOU???

The thing that really gives it away is chunky caustics maybe up tyhe sphere face count that may give it a better result.

I tried that with increasing subsurfs… it made a LITTLE difference, but not much. but there’s probably more than 1 way to do it, so…

Two more versions.
In the first one, I had 7 coloured photon lamps (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet), each with the same angle and origin, and each was slightly rotated a couple degrees up from the previous lamp.

In this one, they all started off with the same orientation, then I changed the lamp angle.

This one is similar to the one above, but I rotated the lamps so that the “cones of light” lined up along a bottom line.

I think I need to make the angles of the lamps much closer to each other. Right now, they differ by 0.5 degrees.
What do you guys think?

Real nice and good use of Yafray, too bad they can’t be set to act like real white light which divides into the seven colors when hitting a prism.

yeah that’s why I have to fake it… I think I could get better results if I had a much smaller difference between the lamp angles… but I haven’t tried yet. Does anyone else have other ideas on how to fake the effect?

im wondering, could a rampshader effect the color gradient instead using a lamp for each color?

Does anyone else have other ideas on how to fake the effect?

Couple of others have played with this in the “New Features” thread starting here:


Damn! They all beat me to the punch!