Prison of Glass – Short Film Posters

Hey everyone,

Here are a three poster concepts for a short film I’ve been developing (that unfortunately won’t likely end up finishing production).

Synopsis: A robot never having stepped out of one house explores and embraces nature after its owner dies.

The film is titled Prison of Glass, an intimate story of a cleaning robot that has lived in one house for all its life and has only ever seen nature through one window. When its owner dies, it finally leaves the house and is enveloped the beauty of nature.

What do you think? Which one is you favourite?

The first one is my favorite, because of the nature-y look

why the robot seems so much like Wall-E.:eek:

i wouldn’t use effects on the type. the renders are great, the typ could just be plain white

I’d go for the first one as well

I would go for the second one.
I love the mixture of: Pink, rough treads and focusing.

It gives me the feeling it’s a poster about a movie with a love story which is going though a rough time. Like a love story in war time or so.