Prius Carpaint test


This rendering was a test of the new carpaint BSDF in luxrender,
contributed by tomb (aka viator on blenderartists).

It’s the toyota prius model i’ve had lying around. (you’ve sureley seen it before).

The preset used here uses measured brdf data from a bmw 339 metalic
Unfortunateley i did’nt have a BMW model :wink:

I thought i’d post it here since it turned out quite good.

it’s a fairly simple scene, a car on a plane lit with a HDR map.
there’s some camera DOF too.

it rendered for 14 hours with the new experimental MLT support in the cvs
version. there were a few artifacts due to sampling correlation
which i photoshopped out :wink: hope you won’t notice them…


I would like to see more reflectivity as it’s metallic, last time i checked that was pretty clear and specular.
I love it though.
5 stars just for the effort.

Looks good but I’m most impressed with the detail in that headlight. It looks great!

the headlight is great looks 100% real!
the paint & the car & the lighting & the blur I do not like at all.
not photorealistic, not shiny like metallic bmw paint, but dull like plastic.
I guess you know that already, judging by your excellence.
sorry for the hard crit.
the render itself is very good, very clean & clear.
it is a great renderer, the luxrender gallery is showing it’s true greatness with blender.

you’ve got the base paint down nicely. But I think you need to render the gloss coat as well and comp it over the top

Still not there.

In fact, sorry to say but I like the material in your old renders more. This just looks like plastic. No seriously it does. I’ve never seen a car with paint like that in my life. Unless Prius are releasing some cars with special paint that I’m not aware of?
I know luxrender can render reflections so why aren’t you? I can see some very smoothed out reflections in there, but in real life reflections are sharp, and demanding!
Also chiming in to say that the headlights are the best I’ve ever seen! So congrats on those, but the paint needs more work.

I was going to say exactly that. So… quoted for truth.

I have been trying to model a Prius, but so far mine looks like a lump of melted plastic. You are far more skilled then I :slight_smile:

That’s absolutely awesome stuff! A think maybe a tad more reflection, but other than that it’s incredible. I wouldn’t call that a test, that’s finished.

5 stars

Siding with redbyte on this one. The headlights are brilliant, but the paint looks far too matte.
Reflections would do a lot for the image. And also, a render of the whole car would be cool(just to see how it looks), since the paint isnt quite fantastic enough to uphold the image.