Prius Daylight

TOYOTA Prius, the daylight version, render with yafray…


Wow, incredible. Im once again amazed by these photorealistic jobs. Great work man!

Very good lighting : )

Great work.

That’s awesome! Very realistic!

Amazing work there, photo real in places.

I think that the intense light in the background is slightly over done, ican see it was the effect you wanted but toning it down a little would be good IMO.

The road looks very good but it doesn’t compare to the picture, i mean the texturing isnt the same quality as the rest of the picture. More detail and a dirtier look would be good.

Even though the the car is the best part of a very good piece of work i feel that some “under” texture (to give the paint job more depth) could improve on what you’ve already got. No paint job is so perfect, it looks plasticly when i look criticly but i’m looking really to find those crits.


Is the road supposed to be that reflective? Anyway, great job!

:eek::eek::eek::eek::eek: Awesome!!!

I like it :slight_smile:

About rendertimes?

thank’s a lot for the c&c, really appreciate it, the rendertimes is about ±8 hours from my amd 1.7 xp 512 mb …
thank;s a lot … :slight_smile:

Hey, nice. I’m not much into cars, but I can appreciate a good render when I see it. Good job.