Private tuition with actual job


I have been in the IT business for 35+ years but have only trivial Blender experience and I need a Blender guru to do an easy job for me - however I would like it to be done as a live tutorial for me so I can ask questions etc during the process. This means that the guru’s screen will need to be shared and recorded so I can go over the exercise later.

Does anyone here do this? I could go to Freelancer or something but I thought I would ask here first.

The job is adding a simple, three-level rectangular building to this current drawing (in the excavated rectangular space):



You may have better luck here,



a59303 [2]
May 24

You may have better luck here,

I got a couple of responses and I am starting with the first guy but
thanks for that! - I will keep the info for future reference.



OK, great.