prize machine

(gargola) #1

he he he!’s something i’m making for fun,but i can’t fix some bugs it has. here: please take a look and tell me if it’s a good idea or what you think.thanx :smiley:

ps: i need someone to try and fix the bugs and if anybody want to add something change anything,suggestions,ideas feel free to modify it as you want,but let us all see the results. :smiley:

(joecool) #2

hmm…I don’t really get the point. the ball doesn’t stay in the prize catcher at all :-?
keep working on it though. :wink:

(gargola) #3

Joe: that’s why i need someone to work on it…i’m going to improve it,but it would be good if anybody work on it and see if can make it better and add more things to make it fun. :smiley:

(joecool) #4

ok, have fun with it;) I can’t work on it because I have enough projects of my own right now :stuck_out_tongue:

(saluk) #5

cute idea, the hat works better than the ball, and I can;t figure out how to make the claw rise again.

(gargola) #6

Saluk: to make it go up,you got to press the numpad period(tip: i always use the same buttons,numpad 0,numpad period,num 2,num 3) :smiley:

(Yamyam) #7

Nice idea! I like this! :slight_smile:

(gargola) #8

YamYam,you can modify it if you want. :smiley: