PRJ - add-on for generating technical drawings

I sent you a message with the blend file. Since I’m not sure, if you find out is a bug, I will be happy happy to file an issue on the repository.

Thanks @ubi_laptop!
Luckily it’s all ok.

The missing cubes were marked as symbols and, in prj, symbols have to be oriented toward the camera (object z-axis has to be parallel to camera’s z-axis) in order to be drawn. This way, for example, you can draw the swing of a door and limit his representation to plan view only. You can force the drawing of a symbol, even if not well oriented, using “Force” option (like you did with the red cube on the right).

Screenshot from 2022-06-15 17-22-09

As you can see, the square is missing because its z-axis is not parallel to the camera one.

I wish there is a way to use it with Measure it arch addon

Hi @swathi,
thanks for your suggestion.
At the moment prj’s development is focused on other functionalities.
Maybe in the future I’ll consider an integration with MeasureIt_ARCH

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Marzof, sorry for my late response. Yes PRJ addon works with imperial units.
Thank you

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