Pro-Lighting: Skies trailer

In similar vein to The Grass Essentials, we created a trailer to promote our new Blender addon Pro-Lighting: Skies.

Watch the full trailer:

Some stills from the trailer:

The goal of the trailer was to demonstrate how full skies and lighting could improve renders, so the shots were deliberately laid out to include a lot of reflections, and vertical pans shots.

It was the first time we’d ever really done any animation or simulation work like this. In the past they’ve mostly just been slow camera pans. So I deliberately put in some challenging shows, as I wanted to push the bar on what we could demonstrate. Overall, I’m really happy with how it came out :slight_smile:

The credit for this trailer goes to this team of great artists behind it:

  • Jonathan Lampel - Opening Seaplane shot and closing bird shot. Lots of simulation work!
  • Guilherme Henrique - The Boathouse Seaplane and rural house shot.
  • Gleb Alexandrov - The two snow shots.
  • Mateusz Wielgus - The interior lounge room shot.
  • Arnaud Le Deault - Car modelling
  • Greg Zaal - Surface level modelling and texturing on the Seaplane.
  • Rob Garlington - Project Manager and Director. Oversaw the entire project.

All credit to them! I actually did zero production on this, aside from providing direction and critiques. Hats off to them :slight_smile:

Pro-Lighting: Skies is available here.

Impressive animation footage, the bunch of birds at the end, is it CG or real footage?

that swarm of birds totally blows my mind…

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

The birds are indeed Blender! Created by Jonathan Lampel using particle boids if I recall correctly.

It’s beautiful ! Would love to try that add-on, is there a demo ?
My only crit in the footage would be about how the plane lands: no flaps, and usually before touching you give the plane a bit of nose up attitude, to round out the trajectory, this is very visible from a front view. Also once afloat, the floats would be like 4/3 in the water, again with some nose up attitude.
but it’s really nick picking, I’m a bit obsessive with planes …

Beautiful animation. It’s relaxing and calming me. Im sure the add-on is rly helpful so I’d love to buy it when I get funds :smiley:
Great job Andrew, regards.

This is amazing! Awesome team =) In my very modest opinion the music (or video production) should also have credits because although the pictures are beautiful, a video with no sound has much less impact and the music certainly adds a lot to the mood.

All the works on this video are perfect, and I love the music.

I have used the demo addon and it works fantastic, without noise.


And yes, there is a demo for the addon which you can download here (requires email).

You’re totally right about the animation too!

We did actually have more realistic animations earlier, but it looked kinda funny. It was one of those weird situations where the real world looks fake. So we toned it back to something people are more familiar with :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the link ! Will try.

Aww you should release a directors cut with the original animations, even at low res/noisy.

The trailer is absolutely awesome!!!

How was the water splash done in the airplane shot. It looks far too realistic to be Blenders fluid simulator!