Pro Wrestling Game

Hello all.

I am currently in talks with a pro wrestling company about a video game to be made to help market their company a little better.

I had been training to be a Pro Wrestler through this company’s school for a year, but just recently…I left to concentrate on my college education. I have gotten to know all the wrestlers in the company including some of the other staff involved with the company.

They have come so far to get to where they are. Of course, this game will be made through Blender(version doesn’t matter…same with Python) & the use of the Python language for some other things in the game itself.

Their site address is

Please visit their site for more info on the company itself, I also stress to tell you that there are more wrestlers in the company, it is just that the webmaster has not been updating the site by adding the rest of the bio picks & stuff, so hopefully the site gets a good full update, soon.

NOTE: I will be giving game news & production updates on this thread ONLY for at least a month, then I will hopefully by that time, have a space on the company’s webpage to post the latest news on the game & maybe some photos & in-game footage.

If you need people to help, I can help with design, modeling, and texturing.