Probably a Newbie Question

I have a rendering problem and I know it’s probably something really stupid but after completing the Forklift for Jonathon’s exercise, I went to do a quick render for camera alignment purposes, and the main body of the forklift disappears in the rendered image. I can see it just fine in the regular viewport, just not in the render. No doubt I clicked a button I shouldn’t have, but I’ll be damned if I can find it. Please help if you can. P.S. Everything else I added to the main body shows up just fine.


Check the Outliner Window to check you haven’t disabled renderability for that object (camera icon)
Check your Render Layers to check the object is not on a layer you have set not to render

That was exactly the problem. See? I told you guys it was a newbie question. Boy do I feel stupid for not finding that. Thanks alot Richard. I must have hit it by mistake the other night when I slid the properties panel down to name a few items.
Thanks again