Problem#4:Texture issues

(SeaCigar) #1

This is probably the most simple problem to help me on. I just want help with texturing my models, and am also curious as to whether or not blender can handle realtime reflections, lighting effects, particle effects, or at the very least, environment mapping. I once saw a UV mapping technique that let you place your 3D model inside the texture window and align the two together, AKA frontal mapping. I could use some Gameblender related texturing tutorials; the more the better! :wink:

(CurtisS) #2

If you are wondering why no one is replying to your posts it is because general questions such as these can be answered by doing even just a basic search of the QA forum. There is alot of information here so read that first then make your questions more specific. Questions like “How to I model a space ship” or “How do I use Blender” generally get a cool reception.
Anyway, everyone is tied up with that silly Pledge of Alligence discussion going on in the News and Chat forum… :wink: