Problem about elasticity

Hey guy, who can help me about how to creat elasticity as this video:

Probably this is set up using many single cubes. All set to rigid body. The cube below is passive, the others active. Every single cube is connectd with the next one.
Thanks to Aldrik on stackexchange for his solution (google how-to-create-a-workable-leaf-spring-in-blender)!

  • Create a Cube Shift+a and scale to your needs.
  • Create and instance with Alt+d. Repeat several times.
  • Select all newly created cubes and and make active rigid bodies Control+r.
  • (In the the Tool Shelf under Rigid Body Tools, click Calculate Mass and select Steel.)
  • One by one go along selecting each of the neighbouring cubes and click the Connect button (also in the Rigid Body Tools).
  • Finally select the cube below and set it to passive Control+Shift+r.

hope this helps, have a good day!