Problem accessing object settings after adding (Prefs?)

I’m wondering if anybody knows what may affect access to the initial object settings after adding an object. These are the object-specific settings like vertices or object scale/orientation. I know after any manipulation after adding they go away. The problem is that on one computer I’m using, they start out locked. I thought it might have been an add-on affecting this, but I can’t narrow it down. So I’m wondering if there’s any other prefs settings that may be affecting this.

The funny thing is, I go on another computer, and I can access those initial values just fine. That’s why I’m guessing it’s some setting.

The main thing is it’s a bit annoying in terms of workflow. Because it means every time I add something have to go into edit mode and delete and re-add the object there in order to access those initial properties.

User Preferences->Editing->Global Undo needs to be on. When you change options on the object, blender undoes the added object, and re-adds it with the new settings. Global undo being off blocks changing the options.

Thanks! That was it.