problem animating my head

hello all
i am messing around with one of my models and i am trying to animate the head or just testing its abilities to be animated. When i grab the head Armature and move it the head deforms and doesn’t fallow the bone as good as it should (it acts like the hole head mesh is not connected to the bone only parts of it move) ? what do you guys think the problem could be? :frowning:

i am using 2.49 and when i attached the bones i told it to attach and make bone heat just saying :smiley:

also do you have to add the weight paint to a model before animating it cuz wen ever i weight paint the entire model nothing moves right or i am just adding the wrong amount of it to a model

if some parts of your head are not moving with the armature, it sounds like a weight paint problem. make sure that the head is fully weighted to the head bone, and also make sure that no other bones on the armature have any weight influence on the head. if you told it to use automatic weights, blender doesn’t always do it correctly, so you have to adjust the weights.

I hope this answered your question

well for some resone when i move the sholder bones the head does move but ill mess around with it a bit more and
thnx for the reply

ya thts because the shoulder bone has influence on the head :slight_smile: