[Problem] Broken up texture problem

Hello everyone,
I am really new to this community, I got into Blender almost a year ago and I am still fascinated by how much potential this platform has. As I was toying around with some of the new functions I encountered a problem. My textures were getting broken up apparently randomly. I am trying to depict a shirt with wires on it. I did a UV-unwrap and designed the texture in photoshop. The funny thing is that the texture isn’t breaking up in the connecting points between the “texture tiles”, but almost completely at random.
Has anyone encountered a problem like this before? What should I do to fix it?

Material view: (no break ups)

Rendered view: (you can see the line breaking up)

Material nodes: (I know its a bit of a clusterf**k, but I am open to suggestions (please))

Do you need more pictures?
To be honest this isn’t crucial for the model, but it is really bothering me. :slight_smile:
Thank you in advance,
sorry if my english wasn’t up to par,

P.S.: I am a huuge noob (I am working on it)


Insufficient info. Where is a demo .blend file. One should be included for ALL support questions since you screenshots miss out important info.

Also you don’t have to post the same question 4 times, once is enough. Read the forum FAQ linked at the top of the page

Do you have the same problem if you just plug the texture into a diffuse node and direct to output node? I think maybe you r nodes are working against you here, simplify your material tree and then build from there outward, paying attention to what effect each node does to your output in a close up view window. Use Border and Crop to keep your render to only a single area for viewing, and that way you don’t have to wait too long to get results.

I am deeply sorry, I didn’t understand the fact that the thread had to be approved, I thought it was an issue with server latency.
Excuse me for any distress I may have caused.
The issue with the demo.blend I do not quite understand… What is it exactly? Can’t I just share the whole file?
Thank you for your time,

Thank you very much for the suggestion. Unfortunately I have tried to hook the texture directly to a diffuse node to an output one. No results, texture still shows broken up once rendered.
Something that might help: I actually created a more high-res picture of the texture. But it actually resulted in a more broken up rendering.
Thanks again for the time and the help, it is much appreciated!

This shows the material nodes hooked up “correctly”:

Some pieces of the texture are completely missing:


Just a guess: mesh is triangulated for the render; this happens automatically and is the reason why texture breaks apart.
Try subdivide model mesh and test render. Make backup file before.

Thanks for the suggestion, but the model had already been triangulated. I tried subdividing but sadly, no results…