Problem building Blender in 12.10

As usual, installing a new distro leads to build failures which never cease to amaze me.
For instance, when trying to compile Blender on my 32bit Kubuntu system using scons, I get this interesting error after a mere 3 seconds:

scons: Reading SConscript files ...



A problem with one or more environment variable was found
Their value contain non-ascii characters. Check the below
list and override them locally to be ASCII-clean by doing
'set VARNAME=cleanvalue' on the command-line prior to
starting the build process:


Googling wasn’t of much help so any pointers will be appreciated.

Btw, I wonder if any of you guys has managed to build it on either Ubuntu or Kubuntu 12.10.

not a soul?!

Elementary, my dear Watson!
I have the habit of preserving my home partition during new installs so as to maintain all config files for the myriads of apps that I use, so the old .bashrc (or profile?) was apparently overriding the system-wide


variable value. Setting a new variable name in .bashrc did the trick.

Based on the number of responses to questions on building Blender (any OS, any build mechanism) I get the impression that either not too many people build their own, or know much about it.

I’m working on compiling an instruction page/pdf/eBook/whatever on the subject for Linux, since there really is a lot to it and it involves a lot of technologies most artists never get involved in.

Those-who-know do, and the rest of us flounder.

Building Blender on linux is a peace of cake really with a sucess rate of about 98%.
Breakdowns do occur, however, and when they do things can get ugly.

The Wiki is pretty informative if you ask me, but I’d welcome any other source of information on the topic, mostly on the troubleshooting side though. Keep us posted! :slight_smile:

Robynsveil, I did have a look at your thread and while it’s good that you’re sharing your experiences, it’s outdated due to the recent changes.
I spent most of last weekend on blendercoders icr channel asking for help, and it was very instructive to see how the main devs themselves were struggling to get the script running on all different OSes and distros.
A thorough how-to guide will be very handy once this gets sorted out so any new initiative in this direction will be both welcome and desired.

The funny thing is that I could build blender from scratch for the distros I use on my machines (i.e. Debian & Kubuntu) even if I was blindfolded. Unfortunately, that is not the case anymore! :frowning:

You’re absolutely right: a lot of what I wrote was made irrelevant but this whole new approach. Need to revise, now… the main thing to remember about that script ( - well, from my experience, anyway - is that if you get a syntax error, it’s probably because you’re trying to run it from the wrong shell.