PROBLEM : Character Animation rendered through BMRT 2.6

(Isopod) #1

I posted this on the Pythin forum but no one seems to be replying so I’ll take my chance here.

I really want to use BMRT for my character animations, but when i to render an animation of a rigged character, it just render the same frame (Frame 1) during the whole duration. E.G., I have a 65 frame animation, it renders 65 frames of FRAME 1 !!! But, if I render a still, it works just fine. Don’t tell me to just render one frame at a time because that’s not very effecient . Anybody had this problem and solved it?

Win 2k
Python 2.1
BMRT 2.6
Blenderman v0.1 Beta 5


(Hos) #2

There is a function in one of the later python API’s that
gives access to the mesh as deformed by an armature
(I think it is GetMeshRaw or something like that). You’re
BMRT export script must be modified to use this method,
and as such you will be getting a new mesh for every

You are probably better off exporting/rendering one
frame at a time …


(Isopod) #3

I found and downloaded the latest version of the script…it works fine now…

(Kid Tripod) #4

just out of curiosity what kind of render times does that give? and what sort of rendering features are you using?

i know it sounds masochistic but i’d love to do some character animation with global illumination.

(Isopod) #5

Well…It was working for a while then it started doing the same problem again!!! but before it went loco, I was getting decent render times with GI turned on, a minute and a half maximum per frame, faster if I don’t have the display option on and render just straight to file. I’m using a 1.2 Athlon also…


(slikdigit) #6

please continue to post updates! I’m very interested in using BMRT for animations, but haven’t tried yet. hmmm. I’m feeling creatively blocked lately. maybe a good time to try.
Does the BMRT export script work with 2.25? or do you need 2.23?

(Isopod) #7

I e-mailed Green concerning the rendering problems I have. I very much would like to used BMRT for a short movie I’m working on, but I might just use it for environment rendering and just composite the characters rendered by blender’s scanline…not sure yet… About the version compatability, Green stated in the readme file that 2.23 should be installed correctly, he didn’t mention if 2.25 is going to work, I don’t have Publisher so I can’t really tell. Try it, maybe it’s going to work.


(wombat359) #8

I was wondering if you could let me know where I can download the plug-in for exporting to BMRT.

(bmax) #9

where was the blenderman download url again…[i scratch my head]…cant remember…:-?


(Hos) #10

Here is the latest version from Green/rash:


P.S. I am told that a new version will be ready in
about one week!