Problem creating Black painted glass material

I was wondering how I can create the black shiny glass material of the container in the following video.

Here is the video:

Thank you for your time!

It looks like plain glass with a paint-coated interior. Why not take the physically-accurate route and treat each material as its own entity?

You can either just assign a paint material to the interior faces or use separate geometry for it. The paint coat will be lit up when using extra geometry because light will traverse the entire glass instead of hitting an “intersecting” paint coat.

Setting it up is pretty easy: Model your jar, select the interior faces and either assign the new material or duplicate them (either create a new object or leave it in the same object, it doesn’t matter) then assign a new material. The trick in the second method is scaling slightly down the paint coat mesh so it doesn’t intersect with the glass, something like .998.

Here are the examples of the jar mesh with glass shader + interior coat of paint mesh/material with black glossy shader.

Paint as independent mesh (method 2):

Paint as interior material of jar mesh (method 1):

The shaders are just Principled BSDF nodes, one configured to glass another to an opaque glossy black surface.

Omg! Thank you soooo much! Definitely will try it. :grin: