Problem creating hair


I’m having trouble creating hair (particle system based) on my model.


  1. Model selected.
  2. Add new particle system.
  3. Set emitter to hair. <---- no hair displays.

I’m following along with the tutorial from CGCookie where Suzanne is used to create hair (the monkey sample model).

I’m using Blender 2.52.5 Alpha, build 30368 [note: i see there are newer builds and will get that installed soon] [edit] I am now using build 31667, dated August 30, 2010.[/edit]

Any thoughts on why I cannot “see” the hair? Visual mode makes no difference.


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Try setting the frame number to one, I’ve found that having it set to another number and changing something can cause other particles settings to vanish until you rest the frame number. It’s a longshot, but it might help.

Thanks for the reply. I did set the frame to 1 and no joy. Just for kicks and giggles I tossed a sphere into a “blank” blend and the hair did emit. I also started a blank blend and appended my model(s) to it in case the model was corrupted. No joy there either. So, there must be something else. Is the object origin something to consider? I’ll give that a shot and see.

I’ve attached the blend: WARNING: NUDITY.

Honestly, I’m stuck on this one - rightly so, I’m still a noob… :wink:


Female3a.blend (453 KB)

Well, if no-one here has any suggestions, does anyone know to whom I could pose this issue?


Apply the mirror modifier, then go to the ‘particles’ panel and set the type to hair again (it’s already set to hair, but apparently you need to click it to refresh it.

Mirror modifiers and hair tend to cause problems

Great! That worked! Shoulda tried that (I thought about it, but wasn’t sure).

One more question: In order to restrict the hair to the pertinent portion of the head, should I select the relevant faces and create a vertex group out of them? Or, is there another way?

Right now she looks like a voodoo doll that’s been used one too many times…


That’s a common way to do it. You can use Vertex Groups (& Weight Painting of those groups) to modulate a number of the hair particles’ properties.

Thanks for the reply. I’ll play around a bit and see what I can/cannot get accomplished.