Problem exporting constraint driven rig (baked animations)

I am exporting animations as FBX files, and all works well until I use my more powerful animating rig to power a constraint driven “simple” rig for export.

This might be a bit hard to explain, but my issue is that actions are per object, so if I select the driven rig, and export all actions, the driver rig does not get updated for each action as they export, and simply repeats the animation it was last in over and over. This results in the same movement being exported as every action for the driven rig.

If I bake each action into the driven rig individually, it works fine, but this poses a serious workflow problem with large animation sets.

The only workaround I have found is to animate everything in one action, but that gives up a lot of the power of actions and looping.

Any insight would be awesome. I know many animators power driven rigs using animating rigs that have a lot of computationally expensive bells and whistles. How have you handled this export issue?