Problem exporting mesh and animation to unity

Are there any limitations in exporting animation to unity? Are there do’s and dont’s? Because when I export mine the animation wont work. I’ve tried exporting it several times and watch several tutorials. I’ve been trying to export this animated book. I’ve made this by using Stanislas Paillereau’s tutorials. Or… Is anyone here kind enough to help me exporting this? I really need this for my thesis. Thankyou.

PS: Any admins there? I accidentally post another thread about this because I thought that this post was interrupted when the electricity was cut off. I’m really sorry for double posting. Any admins can close it. Thank you.

I’ve made an animated book by using this tutorial but whenever I import this on unity the animations just don’t work properly also the mesh always overlaps with the animation. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I’ve tried watching several tutorials in exporting and importing but I still can’t get it to work. -_- I really need this badly for our school project and been following the animated book tutorial for weeks now so I really hope someone could help me with this.

Here’s the .blend file.

You are using modifiers that are specific to blender. The exporter and Unity don’t understand them so you won’t get the same result in Unity as you are seeing in blender
Read the .fbx exporter docs for compatibility