problem extruding more than one text object

i cannot seem to extrude more than one text object either separately or joined or converted to meshes and joined - only one of them gets extruded - also changing the color affects each text object differently or not atall. any help much apreciated - i’m using blender 2.7.8

Please ALWAYS supply an example .blend file that clearly illustrates the issue with any support question.

You aren’t explaining how you’re doing what you’re doing. Should be able to select a text object, shift select another, then in the text properties, under geometry, type in an extrude distance and press Alt-Enter to apply the extrusion to all selected text.

About “changing colors”… Blender works with materials. If two objects have the same material changing one should change both. If that isn’t working for you we need more information. You can post a blend file at