Problem!!!!!!!!! FLYING TURTULE!!!!

After read most of the head lines of this forum thread group. I finally decided that I would just post and hope for an answer. I had this GREAT idea to make a turtle, and once it was done I tried to make a simple game. I make lots of games and this normally does not happen.

The problem started when I started using Blender 2.49, what happens is, when I make my armature’d object Dynamic. As soon as I do that and I start the Game Engine, my character flies off. I have no control over it what so ever. The character only works static.

The blend file I am sending is to show what the problem is. Please do not distribute it at all. And do not take anything from it. You may alter and send it back to me. :slight_smile: (Note: Currently there are Z constraints on the object in an attempt to solve the problem)

Turtle3.blend (427 KB)

Screen Shots:

Make the turtle mesh “no collision” and the problem is gone. Your armature is colliding with the child’s mesh (which is weird… this didn’t use to happen in much older versions).

I’d also recommend not making the armature the dynamic object, but instead just use an empty or an invisible box.

Also… “triangle mesh” won’t do anything when the object that is dynamic isn’t even a mesh… don’t bother with bounds unless you just use “box” or “sphere” if you’re going to make your armature the dynamic object.



and yes your right this never happend in previous versions…someone should report it as a bug. :slight_smile:

I’ve been working with blender for years, and I don’t remember this problem ever not occurring. It’s an easy and logical fix, and the issue that occurs makes perfect sense. I wouldn’t call it a bug.

+1 to gomer’s post.

This is definitely not a bug. The armature and the mesh each have their own legitimate physics bounds, and they will always glitch when you force them to occupy the same space (unless you disable collision on one or both).

I agree- and if for some reason you need both to have collision, just toggle compound on the parent.

Just to demonstrate and brag about how long I’ve been using Blender for… :slight_smile:

Try this in 2.25. Child meshes won’t collide with parent object… I don’t know what version it started happening, but way back then, it did not.


yea I have gone through quite alot of versions my self and this only started happening in 2.49.

This issue looong predates 2.49, maybe you just started setting up your characters this way as 2.49 came out?

Actually i have been setting up characters like that since 2.45. It started happening just recently.

Um, 2.45 isn’t very old, and I’ve been using blender much before that, and it always happened, it never used to not happen… I remember this issue in all the versions under 2.45, all the way up to 2.49… Plus it’s not like it’s a big deal… Just No Collision with the mesh… ?


haha. yea you are right, its not that big of a deal.

Yes, I too have been a blender user since 2.30… this has always been the way collisions work… think of this… what will happen if you put a pure metal rod through a pure solid metal box if the metal rod has collisions… THEN try and make the metal rod go downwards with gravity… it won’t happen, plus if you’re trying to move the cube separately, you have a redundancy…

Don’t argue over it, just accept it…