Problem getting child of objects world transform

Hi, im getting a trouble, i’m animating a 30 seconds scene using Blender 2.91.0, and in one part my character drops a gun, but that gun is a child of the character armature connected to the left hand, and if i move my hand, the gun too keeps moving, and the gun should be in the ground. A easy solution for me (i think) is get the world transform of the bone/object (the object is in local transform, so i can move it to the outerworld but it’s going to show the same values in transform, but the bone can be moved to animate) and set a keyframe for each next keyframe in the root bone of the gun.

I hope u can help me.

LOL From 2009 and it still works.

Usually i use another bone (not connected to the skeleton or connected to the root bone that stays in place)
and i had some extra animation to manage the impact on this constraint bone so the constraint influence animation is only for animating a kind of gravity fall.

Hi, thanks guys for the fast reply, i followed what u said and it worked! thanks!