problem glow effect

hey the red thing needs to glow but i cant get it right
i whas working with nodes but it still dont glow :s can anyone tell me what i doing wrong ?
this is the model

Render Layers is what you need.
Also you get better results if you use a blur-node instad of the glare-node.
I created two render-layers and made a quick composit setup.
Should be straightforward.
If you have any aditional questions, just ask.

Have Fun!


glowprob.blend (381 KB)

hey the problem is its still not the way it has to be ( it has te be like there is somting in the mantel (the black cape)
that glows realy hars that red part should not be visible but it should be just a red glow

May be this tutorial can help.

hey i tryed to folow his but its strange i dont know what i did wrong but hope anyone can help me :frowning:
this is the new file

anyone who can help :frowning: i realy need help on the glow effect (right nog in the composite mode you see the glow but in render mode you dont see it i need to see my whole model body and red glow (with the glow effect) in rendermode

Looking for same thing…

At the bottom of the Render-Window is a Drop-down-list with all the Render-Layers. You have to choose Composite to make the End-Result show up.
Also the Composite-Node was not connected. Therefore no Composite was done.
I changed the last Mix-Node to a Alpha-Over-Node.
The Screen-Node affects the whole Image while the Alpha-Over-Node (as the Name sugests) leaves transparent pixels untouched.
The Glow is a little strong for my taste but of course it is up to you.

Have Fun!


jeroen-1_mod.blend (517 KB)